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Jewelry Repairs & Warranty



About our 24/7 Pieces - Can our pieces REALLY be left on 24/7? In short, the answer is yes, absolutely! What does this mean - It means that if you choose to want to sleep and shower in your pieces that the material such as the sterling silver and 14kgf metals will not turn, as well as the stones or beading used in the design, will NOT turn your skin green and will not turn from bright red to yellow. It means that we use genuine quality materials that are not plated if you are purchasing a piece that says it can be worn 24/7. We do not warrant that to mean that it will stand up against breakage from excessive wear and use.


We stand behind our brand and the products we use. We only use the highest quality materials found in fashion. All items are guaranteed to stand up to everyday normal wear & tear. We will repair any misgivings at no cost to you if it is found that the problem was with the piece itself. (customer is responsible for shipping costs). I will gladly repair normal wear and tear issues that you may incur such as broken clasps or broken string at no charge on pieces purchased in the last 3 months or newer. 

Due to the increased cost of our repairs over time (we used to offer restringing at no charge). It is not feasible for us to continue providing a free repair service with the increased cost of materials year to year. With this in mind I have decided to charge a nominal repair cost if needed. The majority of jewelry that comes back for restringing or repair is not due to a manufacturing defect, but rather improper care of jewelry (i.e. breakage due to falling/hitting on hard surfaces, excessive wear, improper storage, wearing in the pool, lake or ocean, perfume, excessive sweating, contact with beauty products and sunscreen). In most cases, creating each handmade piece takes hours, If you jump in the pool or forget to take it off once or twice before working out, the pieces are made to last. There are not any pieces created on cording that can handle that kind of wear and tear on a constant basis. The one necklace in our collection that can be ordered online as a tie-on is our morse code layer piece. Please understand if you choose to for-go the clasp, this piece will absolutely handle your rugged lifestyle as that was what it was created for. These are one word morse code necklaces that tie-on and in most cases last up to two years. Choosing a tie-on means that when that piece has worn down, it most likely needs to be replaced with a new tie-on. Please keep in mind that we do offer these pieces with clasps at no additional cost for this reason.

Please text the Studio at 615.804.5112 or email me at to discuss any repair issues or questions you may have. I will do my best to help you in anyway within reason. 

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