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 A little about what we do...

My collection of jewelry and leather goods takes you on a journey - from timeless vintage and spiritual icons, to chic rock star bling. Each piece is rife with meaning,  though intended for personal ambiguity - a special occasion or an everyday wardrobe staple.  Sue Surdi Designs are made to be cherished, worn often, and shared. Whether feeling celebratory or melancholy, these hand-crafted treasures are not your typical accessories; they are a reflection of a mood and a moment.
Every piece is handmade and designed from the heart, with a free spirit & love. Jewelry is a keepsake, a memory. It's something to hold onto when saying a prayer or making a wish. Something to look back on when recalling a moment. Jewelry is a piece of ones heart that can be touched, given and felt by one to another.   ~ SS/2017 
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