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Pieces that have meaning between the giver and the wearer. - - This collection was created with so much meaning and purpose. Years ago I would search and search for a gift that embodied special meaning for the ones I love. Whether as a symbol of profound friendship or a gift for or from a mother, new mother, sister - A gift from a husband that wants to give a piece of jewelry that speaks of his love and gratitude. - This collection was born in order to answer the need of being able to wear speakable love and emotion.
Designed with Swarovski crystal, moonstone and aquamarine - Morse code that reads “My Person”  spelled out with sterling silver dashes and gold dots. 
Length: 16” (This piece is made to order so please leave desired length in “notes section” at checkout if you’d like it different from what is listed.)
Closure: Of to the side/front of necklace - small gold lobster clasped to a large star.

Minimal 24/7 made with waterproof cording.
Handmade with love in the USA

Morse Code Necklace “My Person”

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