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The Artificery Talisman Length: 17”Closure: ToggleHandmade solid sterling silver artisan compass that reads “find your true north” in the back & handmade Peace sign. Vintage solid brass skeleton key - 14kgf butterfly - 14kgf Mother Mary - Solid handmade brass skull with rhinestone eyes - Moonstone, Aquamarine, Pyrite & Turquoise Stone. This piece was designed with careful intentional symbolic meaning - The Skull: Some people wear to celebrate their loved ones' passed, it can also represent a celebration of a person's own life or represent a transformation.Compass- A compass is a handy instrument that helps keep you from getting lost. In trying to find our way through life's journeys, God has given us a spiritual compass to guide us. When we don't know what to do or which way to turn, the compass within will always point us in the right direction.Crown: Crown represents powerful, immortality and self worth.Skeleton Key: Skeleton keys symbolize “access to” something, as in “keys to a city,” or actual, as in the key to your home. They are often thought to symbolize the key to one's heart, the key to success, or the key to “unlocking the door” to whatever it is one wishes to attain.Butterfly: Butterflies are not only beautiful, but also have mystery, symbolism and meaning and are a metaphor representing spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life. The magnificent, yet short life of the butterfly closely mirrors the process of spiritual transformation and serves to remind us that life is short.Mother Mary: A strong minded leader. Mary is a vibrant figure: strong-minded and courageous, a leader in the community of faith. As the first Christian, Mary proclaims a radical message of social justice, where the less fortunate are exalted.Moonstone: A stone for “new beginnings”, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. It soothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilizes the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and life.Pyrite stone: Pyrite reminds you that you are worthy of unlimited abundance. This stone protects you from negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. Its reflective essence helps you to see the fears or patterns that have held you back, so that you can recognize the changes you need to make for success.Turquoise Stone - While it is known as a healing stone, it also improves the mental state overall by increasing all of the following positive mental characteristics: serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition, happiness wisdom all of which result in a calmer state that leads to greater self-realization.Aquamarine - A stone of courage. Its calming energies reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people. It can invoke tolerance of others and overcomes judgmentalism, giving support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.Symbolism behind the color green: Green has strong emotional correspondence with safety. Dark green is also commonly associated with money. - Green has great healing power. It is the most restful color for the human eye; it can improve vision. Green suggests stability and endurance, green indicates growth and hope. Green, as opposed to red, means safety; it is the color of free passage.

The Artificery Talisman

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